Tortoiseshell Necessaire (or Etui) complete with original fittings, stamped by Lund, Cornhill, London

Price: £475
Stock No. 959/2020/QSA

A superb quality Tortoiseshell Necessaire (or Etui) complete with original tools and implements, stamped to the case and scissors by Lund, the maker, of 56/57 Cornhill, London… The lid adorns a central oval white metal cartouche with the name ‘Ruth’ inscribed in ornate italics. The tools include scissors; button hooks; silver hallmarked thimble; penknife; etc most with mother-of-pearl handles.

Thomas Lund (1780?-1845) ran his business from his warehouse at 57 Cornhill, London from 1804. By 1832 they had added next door 56 to the address and by 1835 a retail shop at 24 Fleet Street. Thomas and William (his son) ran their businesses independently, until Thomas’s death in 1845. William then took over the running of both businesses, whilst also growing his own premises to include 23 Fleet Street. By 1859 the Fleet Street premises had grown still further to include No. 25.

Dimensions: (w) 6 inches x (d) 3 inches x (h) 1 inch (15cm x 7.6cm x 2.4cm)

Dated:  c1830-45


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