Thomas Staunton St. Clair (1785-1847) Fine Pair of Walnut Framed Watercolours

Price: £500 for the pair
Stock No. 748/2020/QSA

A fine quality pair of original walnut framed watercolour paintings. One of a town scene with a beggar attempting to extract money from three passing well-dressed people. The other a more rural scene adjacent to a spring with a trader riding a donkey and two young women filling their water carriers. Both glazed and double mounted in gilt mounts with excellent and attractive colour still evident in both watercolours.

Dimensions (each including frame) :   Height: 44 cm  Width: 39 cm   Depth: 2 cm

More about the artist – Thomas Staunton St Clair (c.1785-1847)

Major General Thomas Staunton St Clair CB KH (1785 – 1847) was a British Army officer known for his water-colour paintings which recorded British colonies in Gibraltar. Many of his paintings are displayed in the Gibraltar Museum

Dated:  c.1830-45 

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