Rare Royal Worcester porcelain figure by James Hadley, “Ye Watchman” (shape 998)

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A rare Royal Worcester porcelain figure by James Hadley: “Ye Watchman” (Shape No 998) from the London Cries series. There are six in the series, introduced in 1883. ‘Ye watchman’ carries a bell and a pike-staff, and stands on a base of cobblestones. The majority of the figurine is white parian ware but, as in this case, features a painted face and hands with gilded accents to the other key features.

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James Hadley (1837-1903) was an English potter and artist and by 1870 had become the principal modeller at the Worcester Royal Porcelain Company. Until 1895 his work was produced almost exclusively by Royal Worcester, he later set up his own factory. Described by John Sandon as ‘probably the finest English modeller of all time’. Able to work in any form of style required, he is best known for his decorative figures, made in the 1870’s and 1880’s, when taste was shifting towards coloured models from the previous fashion for plain white (Parian Ware).

The other five in the London Cries series are:

  • Ye Water Carrier Man
  • Ye Marking Stones Man (shape 1003)
  • Ye Brush Seller Man (shape 1001)
  • Ye Ratte Killer Man
  • Ye Prison Basket Man (Shape 1000)


Dated: c.1883

Height:    7 inches (18 cm)

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