Large Art Deco Bronze Nude Female Sculpture – Signed Prof O. Poertzel

Price: £3250
Stock No. 912/2020/QSA

A fine quality and quite large patinated bronze study of a young female nude – “The Bather” – carrying a length of fabric (possibly a towel) behind her. The figure is supported on a one piece bronze base, integral to the figure. Signed “Prof O Poertzel”

This famous German sculptor Otto Poertzel (1876-1963) was known for his naturalistic Art Deco sculptures of dancers, bathers (in this case) and film stars. He ran his own studio in Coburg, and became one of the most prominent sculptors in Germany, for many years he was under the special protection of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha who granted him many commissions. His works were to be found in the salons of the German Royal Courts and a few were purchased by the King of Bulgaria. His work is simlar to that of Ferdinand Preiss, which may be partly due to the fact that they once shared a studio in Berlin together for a while. Poertzel exhibited many times in his own right, including at the St Louis Worlds Fair (1904) and The Brussels International Art Exhibition (1910)

Dated: circa 1920

Height: 19.5 inches (50cm)

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