Handsome Art Deco BRONZE of two Vultures

Price: £580
Stock No. 5088/k

Somehow this handsome ART DECO BRONZE which depicts two vultures perched upon a rock, is both striking and inspirational. Both birds have “attitude” as they proudly survey the landscape from their prominent position.  Beautifully modelled and cast, this is signed “I. ROCHARD” within the bronze itself. c1930-35.  12.5ins high including the original Sienna marble base.

** Irenee ROCHARD, from a family of artists, was born in Villefranche-sur-Soane in 1906. At just 22 years of age he won an award at the Beaux Arts School for his sculpture of a panther and although he also worked in ceramics and wood, his favoured medium was bronze. He specialised in animals, and is recorded as saying that his work was to “…pay tribute to the animal”.  He died in 1984.   

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