French Bronze figure of a naked Woman holding a sword aloft – ‘La Deliverance’ signed: Emile Guillaume

Price: £2150
Stock No. 962/2020/QSA

A small French bronze figure of a young naked woman with her two arms outstretched above her head holding aloft a sword in one hand, entitled ‘La Delivrance’ (etched onto the sword handle).

Signed by the artist Emile Guillaume and displaying the famous ‘Barbedienne’ foundry name. She stands on the solid bronze half-sphere integral to the base. The words ‘Offert par le Journal Le Matin’. Two full-sized examples exist, one in the British Museum and the other in the Hendon area of North West London.

Good patina and colour. Date: c.1860-70

Stands: 15.5 inches (38cm) tall.

Dated:  c.1880-1900

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