A superb Coromandel-wood Compendium of Games

Price: £2750
Stock No. 960/2020/QSA

A good quality Coromandel-wood ‘Royal Cabinet of Games’ complete with all components and pieces. The fold-out boards are enclosed within the lid.

Games include: Chess (bone); Draughts (bone); Backgammon (bone); Epsom Derby (including board, metal horses and fences); Bezique Cards (x4 sets ) and scorers; Dominoes; Cribbage; Dice. There are also bone counters and two polished wooden shakers.

Complete with original working key.

Dated: c1860-80

Dimensions: (h) 6.75  inches (w)  13 inches (d) 8.75  inches (17 x 33 x 22 cms)

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